We love being a part of our local community. For us, being an independent, family-owned business we can focus on far more than just profitability; to us, our community and social responsibility comes higher, alongside the development of our team and creating a safe, enjoyable and rewarding work environment.

Where we can, we support and buy from other locally owned, eco-friendly businesses and support local charity initiatives, to help support those in need around us in the community.

You may also be interested to know that we are proud members of SIBA.

Continuous Improvement

For us, standing still is never good. We are always looking to constantly push our recipes, processes, developments and techniques to create the beers that both follow traditions and break boundaries.

We strive to challenge the status quo, and ask our team and those around us to help us continually improve as a business.

This mantra follows through to our teams personal development, where we can help our team learn and become fulfilled in the variety of roles they hold at Double-Barrelled.


Beer is there to be enjoyed. It’s there to help you relax on the sofa after a long day at work, to be shared with friends in bustling pubs in city centres or enjoyed whilst watching your favourite team play or with your favourite book.

It’s there to make you have THAT incredible taste experience at a beer festival that you won’t forget. Or to be the perfect gift; the case that you take to your family meal, simply because you want to share the experience and interesting flavours with the people you love.

Beer is created for pleasure, enjoyment and out of love, and that is its ultimate purpose.


Beer in its simplest of forms is a drink for everyone, from anywhere, and it is what we, as beer drinkers all have in common. Beer does not have a gender, race, sexual orientation, ability or age (okay well maybe 18 years and above!)

At our taproom, we proudly follow the Everyone Welcome Initiative, ensuring that anyone who drinks at our taproom, or at any event we hold knows that we will not stand for any form of hate, ignorance or discrimination.

As a team, we promote an inclusive and diverse, actively anti-racist and anti-discriminatory work environment.

This is a key part of who we are as a business and we hope that those that enjoy our beers, both respect & share these values.

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