The concept of Double-Barrelled began when our co-founders Mike & Luci Clayton-Jones got married, back in 2015. With Mike being a passionate home brewer for many years prior, they created their first branded “Double-Barrelled” beer as their wedding favour, as a nod to Mike’s surname. Having loved creating their own brand of beer & sharing their beers on a larger scale than ever before, this idea became the pathway to where we are today.

Post wedding and with the idea of what Double-Barrelled could become in mind, Mike and Luci set off on a year long beer adventure, backpacking over 84,000 miles across the world to find inspiration, unique ingredients and burgeoning trends in the world of beer, building their ideas and business plan as they travelled. They returned home to Reading excited about what the future held, setting up on a small commercial scale from their garage in Caversham, whilst working in the industry.

Now we operate from a 6,400 SqFt warehouse on the outskirts of Reading, brewing on a 24Hl brewhouse, packaging all our beers onsite with our own 5 head canning line, with our first beers released from this site in November 2018.

We produce a variety of ever changing beers sold both across the UK and internationally, helped by the passionate and diligent individuals who make up our awesome team.

We have been delighted to be recognised for our passion and quality, having won multiple awards since opening for our entrepreneurship, our hospitality and taproom, and most importantly, our beers...


Our two core beers, are the perfect introduction to Double-Barrelled; Parka our 4.5% Citra Dry Hopped Pale Ale and Ding, our 4.9% Keller Lager, made in the ‘Ding for the ‘Ding.

From there, we produce nearly all styles from big fruited kettle sours, to barrel aged imperial stouts. Nearly all our beers are vegan friendly (with the exception of a few milk stouts!) and we take pride in sourcing the best ingredients to create stand out beers, from grain to glass.

We strive to be known for our dedication to quality, consistency and, in everything we do, do it with passion, care & kindness.

We focus on continuous improvement and believe that there is a beer for everyone – you can find out more about what we stand for on our What Matters to Us page.

Come say hello – Double-Barrelled Brewery Tap

You can visit us on Thursday – Sunday at our on-site taproom, where we serve a wide variety of beers direct from our cold store, where our beer is continuously stored between 4-5 degrees, keeping it in the best condition possible for you to drink in or take home.

Our taproom has been recognised on a national level as one of the best independent brewery taprooms in the UK and has also been recognised locally for our passion & community focus.

Here we aim to provide exceptional service, excellent beers and the best fun you can have on an industrial estate next to Screwfix!

To find out our latest opening hours, events & street food pop-ups, check out our Taproom page  or our dedicated Taproom Instagram

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