Turn it up on teletext

Our latest take on old skool technology brings us to Teletext, the cutting edge Televisual-text display service originally created in the 70’s, but really the golden age of this service was the mid 90’s.

We love exploring our West Coast style IPAs alongside older tech, and this time around we have taken a look back at a classic beer to bring you our take on it. We took inspiration from years gone by drinking Grapefruit Sculpin TM, and wanted to run with the inclusion of grapefruit to one of our West Coast IPAs.

Turn it up on Teletext brings together Red and Pink grapefruit juice and zest, with the classic West Coast hops of Cascade, Chinook and Amarillo. To add a more modern dimension, we also introduced Nectaron, the latest hop release from New Zealand, to push the citrus/grapefruit vibes in this ode to a classic beer style and the first iterations of Smart TVs. Assertive bitterness marries the whole experience together with a light malt bill and a smooth dry finish.

ABV: 6.5%
Style: West Coast IPA with grapefruit
Suitable For: Vegans
Allergens: Gluten

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