The Crimson Rosella is a beautiful parrot native to Australia, with a distinctive and striking red and blue plumage.

It’s also the name that fits our new Redcurrant and Peach Gose, for it’s beautiful electric pink hue, balanced fruity and tartness and salty notes.

This recipe was inspired by an absolutely delicious redcurrant and peach tart we enjoyed!

What’s a gose? 

A Gose (pronounced (Gos-e) is a traditional German wheat beer, originating from the town of Goslar in Germany. To reflect their water profile, it’s brewed with salt to help add the distinctive notes that make a gose unique.

It’s ever so slightly sour, and the balance of the saltiness and coriander makes for a really delicious easy drinker.

ABV: 5.7%
Allergens: Gluten
Suitable For: Vegans

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