Black Rain Frog

Smooth, well rounded and bursting with notes of coffee and chocolate, this Breakfast Coffee is sure to turn that grumpy morning frown, upside down!

Made with 40kg of Allpress Art espresso coffee Black Rain Frog has robust coffee notes with underlying chocolate. Thick mouthfeel, full of dark fruits cherry, raisins and dark chocolate. Top notes of coffee which carry on to the long finish.

What are Black Rain Frogs?

Endemic to South Africa, these little ugly treasures caught our eye because they are so darn grumpy. And perhaps there might be someone in your life, who has a face like this this before they’ve had their morning coffee?! We think pretty much everyone in our office does….!

So we thought the face of the Black Rain Frog would be appropriate for a breakfast stout containing coffee!

ABV: 5.3%
Style: Breakfast Stout
Suitable For: Vegetarians
Allergens: Gluten, Milk

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