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The ballad of the missing cans

Back in November 2018 (just over 6 months ago, wowzers!) we launched our first kegged beers from the new site at Double-Barrelled, then followed up with launching cans a week later, and then opened a tap room. We did, admittedly over stretch ourselves for two people (well two people, + 1 Shaun and lots of helpful friends!).

We have just about got through it though!

We are still are small team of 3 and a half people, but with each day we understand more how we can perform better operationally and improve our business.

One of the biggest areas we feel has been lacking so far has been getting beer in to cans more frequently.

We have so far released 5 cans into the market, however some of our, and our customers favourite beers have not been available in can format as yet.

We have been using a “mobile canning” service to release these beers which has worked well as an in-between for what we ultimately wanted, which was our own canning line.

Our own line would bring the flexibility & control that we are striving for, whilst also bringing down some cost elements and increasing the frequency at which we could package in to can.

It should also increase our quality control procedures, whilst also allowing us to be more ruthless on packaging decisions, ensuring only the best beer gets released.

So exciting news...

We have been toying with the idea for a number of months, weighing up the financing, staffing, operations, and demand elements of bringing canning in house.

And so we are delighted to say, we’ve just put a deposit down on our first canning line!


This is of course very exciting, but it does mean the fridges are likely to remain empty of Double-Barrelled beer for a few more months whilst the line gets manufactured, installed and then commissioned.

It’s unlikely you’ll be seeing the first tangible results from this until at least August, September time, but at that point, we hope we can get you not only more beer in cans, but better beer too.

Thank you to everyone who has bought a can from us so far.  From wholesale to retail, to individual to buyer, we are always grateful for your support. Taking the step to try a new brewery to you when there are so many incredible ones out there is really appreciated.

We hope you will continue to drink our beers where you find them on tap as we focus more on distribution and keg releases for the next few months.

But soon, there will be more cans, and we can’t wait!

Thank you as ever for your continued support.

Luci & Mike

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