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30.05.18 - Premises found!

We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect premises to start our brewery project for a long time now. Getting the right combination of affordable price, accessible location & plenty of room for growth was a significant challenge, especially combined with the right planning permissions to be able to produce and sell beer from that location!

Back in 2017, we found what we felt was the perfect premises. Good public & road transport routes, plenty of space to grow with lots of roof height. Industrial units are rarely sexy, but this place got us excited!

7 months later, and after much negotiation, we finally signed an “agreement to lease”, meaning we will legally take on the lease of the building in early July 2018.


The unit, on the Stadium Way Industrial estate in Reading is pretty darn massive. We have taken on the premises for at least the next 5 years, meaning that we have deliberately started bigger than we currently need, as we don’t plan on moving any time soon!  Our new 15 barrel brewhouse is likely to be dwarfed, but we wanted to make sure we had the space to increase capacity from the start, for extra fermenters, barrel aging and beyond.

This means our first few years cash flow is most certainly a “make or break” situation, not that any new business doesn’t face that!

We have plenty of work to do once we are in; installing new flooring, rewiring the electrics, refitting gas pipeworks, installing a cold room and of course the brewery kit itself, so it’ll be a few long months still before we have our first batches in the fermenters.

So when can I buy your beer?

This is still a movable beast.

We will continue to keg our beers at first, and hope to get distribution far and wide as quickly as possible. In the immediate months, we will continue to brew from our garage serving our awesome local craft beer pubs.

Cans will be step 2 & we are looking at canning lines (& the financing to purchase one!) as we speak & hope to have something by the end of 2018, or early 2019.

As soon as we are able to we plan to open a tap room at weekends from the brewery. Clearly this will entail making sure we have all the correct planning & licensing permissions in place first, which can take longer than anyone plans.

We hope that before the tap room, we will be able to providing tasting from the brewery, tours & offer take home beers to drink off site too, as soon as we are able.

Our new site is a few minutes walk from the Thames Path & we love the idea that beer fans from Reading & beyond could potentially cycle along the Thames to enjoy a few beers at the tap room on a Saturday, or be able to drop in on a Friday evening to take some beers home for the weekend.

There is an awful lot to do but it is definitely an exciting time for us & a very big upgrade from the garage.

We would like to thank everyone for their incredible support & interest so far and really hope we can be a business that Reading can be proud of.

But for now at least we can definitely say, we’re coming & we simply can’t wait!

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