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03.01.18 - It really begins

It’s pretty nerve racking this.

Despite all the advice we have received, we still have so many questions that are unanswered, which are pretty vital to be able to create a business plan.

How do you accurately forecast sales for a new business….?

How do you know how much you’ll spend each month on utilities? 


How quickly will we grow in the next 3 years? 

What size of premises do we need? 

How the hell are we going to do this?!


So, for all those interested, here’s what we do know! (kinda)

1. The beer

Whilst travelling, we fell head over heels with big barrel aged stouts & sharp tangy sours.

With these beers, every first sip is a journey of exploration – does it taste how I expect, how I want, or does it blow my mind in some other way?

Creating complexity from aging, cultivating different yeasts & experimenting is something we are passionate about.

We want to create an ever changing range of exciting, indulgent beers that are worth sharing & enjoying.

Financially, this creates a bit of a cash flow challenge for us; barrel aging can’t happen over night. Dealing with some of the complexities of souring beer without contaminating our entire kit with wild yeast strains is also a risk, but something that we believe is worth it for the epic flavours we can create.

We know this isn’t “mass market” appeal, and can’t happen instantly, so we plan to experiment with some more popular styles to be able to keep the business running at first.

2. The premises

We have been brewing from a 100L commercial pilot kit from Elite Stainless in our garage for months, developing recipes & experimenting with flavours.

Whist working on recipes, we will be searching for the perfect premises for our full size 24Hl brewery kit that we have ordered from Malrex.

We are hoping to find an industrial site between 5000-7000 square foot, which we can grow into over the next few years, with a canning line & barrel aging space when cash flow allows.

Ideally, the site will be easily accessible by public transport from Reading. Planning permission allowing, we hope to operate a tap room & shop from the site.

We want to introduce more people to craft beer by making styles that they might not have tried before, available. When we open our tap room, we want to sell other breweries beer – supporting other independent businesses & showcasing breweries who specialise in other styles of beer.


3. Building our brand

Whilst we were travelling, we developed a logo & look for our blog and business cards, to increase our professionalism & aid communication.

Returning home from our epic travels, we decided we needed a new brand. This time, there had to be a strong focus on pack design and take into account what qualities and characteristics we want our brand to reflect.

We decided to appoint craft beer branding experts Kingdom & Sparrow to rework our brand to this brave, minimalist & geometric design.

We fell in love with its simplicity, modern look, whilst reflecting the premium nature of the product we aspire to produce.

We asked local agency Theme  to rebuild our website, incorporating some of our previous blog content, whilst building in scope for future growth.

We have loved working with both these fab agencies & are so unbelievably chuffed with the results – thanks guys!  We hope you like it and welcome any comments.

We have decided to launch our brand and our first range of beers at Craft Beer Rising, giving our brand visibility to the trade & craft beer fans early doors. Exciting!

That’s it for now – sure there will be plenty of developments in the coming months. We plan to update this blog as frequently as we have some interesting & exciting news to share!

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