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Cagoule - India Pale Lager

Cagoule is a heavily hopped tropical lager, perfect for hop heads in the mood for something smooth, crisp and crushable, or lager converts who want a taste of the hop side.

We hopped throughout the brewing process, adding Cascade for its flowery and spicy and slight grapefruit aroma, Centennial for its hop bitterness and floral qualities and then dry hopped with Citra to further accentuate the citrus notes.

Lagered for 7 weeks with traditional German lager yeast, Cagoule was brewed for those days when you want an effortless easy drinker, whilst still enjoying a taste of a flavoursome hop bomb.


  • ABV: 6.7%
  • Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Citra
  • Allergens: Gluten
  • Suitable for: Vegans
  • Style: India Pale Lager
  • IBUs: 58

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