DB Gift & Glass Packs

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A mixture of three fresh Double-Barrelled beers and a glass in one of our new gift boxes! Choose from a mixture of year-round favourites, juicy Pales, crispy Lagers and seasonal specials!

Choose from:

Pale & IPA Gift & Glass Pack

A mix of three pale ales and IPAs
Double-Barrelled Gold Leaf Confetti Glass

Parka Gift & Glass Pack

3 x Parka Pale Ale (4.5%)
Double-Barrelled Pints of Parka Glass

Mixed Gift & Glass Pack

Our team will pick a selection of 3 beers from a variety of styles and strengths – perfect if you don’t know exactly what they drink!
Double-Barrelled Gold Leaf Confetti Glass

All 440ml

Allergens: Gluten (Barley, wheat, oats)

Vegan friendly

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Gift Pack

Pale & IPA Gift & Glass Pack, Parka Gift & Glass Pack, DB3 Gift & Glass Pack, Mixed Gift & Glass Pack

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