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Post 5 - One year on

Wow. Has it been a year already? Well, what an absolute rollercoaster whirlwind that has been.

In our first year, our husband + wife team of two has grown with 2 additional full time team members, 4 part-time and a whole bunch of awesome casual staff who help us from packaging to pulling pints.

We have released 40 “full” batch beers since we’ve started, sending literally tonnes of beers into the wider market. We’ve sent pallets and pallets of Parka into London, tried our hands at “fuss” worthy IPAs and properly made kettle sours, whilst continuing to experiment brewing heaps of beers on our original pilot kit.

We opened our 12-tap line warehouse taproom, which has become more popular than we could have ever dreamed of, having served literally 1000s of people over the bar since we’ve been open. We’ve been nominated for a Retail in Reading award and a Pride of Reading Award. People have told us that our taproom has made Reading cool! Tee-hee.

We’ve been honoured to host some delicious food pop-ups, had the occasional 45 minute queue for the bar (got to love British people) during events and an incredible bunch of regulars + customers.

Our beer now travels regularly out of Reading, from the heights of Inverness down to the coasts of Devon, as well as popping up in the occasional European country!

We’ve released 9 different beers into cans & now, many more as we’ve got our very own canning line. We’ve poured at some awesome festivals. We’ve been asked to do some fab events. We’ve had the pleasure of brewing beer with some people we both highly admire in the industry and love hanging out with.

We adopted a cat!

Though of course we have had some lows. We’ve had an attempted robbery once, then a full blown break in, we have ditched a few too many batches than we’d like to think about. We’ve faced keyboard warriors and the usual unjust Untappd slating’s. We’ve had frustrations, worries, upsets. We had equipment failure, building failure, delays outside of our control. Delays inside our control. We’ve had sleepless nights, gained too much weight, missed birthdays & anniversaries and lacked the ability to see friends + family. We’ve torn our hair out over cash flow, cried, torn our hair out some more and cried again. We wondered why we’ve done this and we questioned everything. We’ve worked at least 6 days a week since we started and 12 hour days have become too much of a norm.


But you, you incredible people, you’ve followed us, been patient with us whilst we’ve learnt and supported us along the way. You’ve kept us motivated and determined to push harder. And that, for two people who started out with a ridiculous dream means a lot.

Thank you to the wholesalers, shops and bars that bought our first beers. Taking that jump on an unknown brand, believing in us enough to do so

Thank you to the people who have ventured to our brewery tap. The support this year has been nothing short of preposterous. Our taproom is everything we dreamed it to be, thanks almost entirely to the community who populate it.

Thank you to the consumers who have picked a can off the shelf, or selected a DB beer on tap. There’s a lot of incredible breweries out there at the mo, so when you make that decision to pick ours, we know it’s a big one.

Thanks also to the friends + family who have put up with us, inspired us and helped us out over the last year or so.

Without all of you guys who buy our beer in whatever capacity or volume we wouldn’t be here anymore. So thank you, so very very much!


And finally....

Thank you to our new team. We started this business very much as two people. It was our dream, our vision, our crazy risk – our business. Now our team has grown to people who share that vision and with them, and only with them, can we achieve it.

We believe that with the current team behind us, we are in a better place than ever to keep Double-Barrelled growing and ultimately open! And that’s awesome.

So what does year 2 bring?

We aren’t out of the red yet of course yet, so staying in business will be our core focus.

But realistically, to help us do just that, we’ll be focusing on continuous improvement. Of our beers, processes, our taproom, our packaging. Everything.

Of course there will be lots more roller-coaster rides , and a need to focus on just keeping on going! But for now, please accept our heartfelt thanks, and let’s get ready for a little party to celebrate at least making it this far. Wahoo!

Thanks again,


Luci, Mike, Shaun, Dan, Joseph, Chelsea & Tiffany and the rest of the team.

Party time

If you are heading down to our first birthday celebrations and want to find out more, check out THIS PAGE

Otherwise please note that the taproom will be open to ticket holders only on the 8th  & 9th of November. Back as usual from the 15th Nov.

Peace out



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