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For those regular visitors of the taproom you may be aware that at end of 2021, an ANPR parking system was installed across the whole Stadium Way Industrial estate, restricting parking time to be 90 minutes to reduce issues with people parking here (do you remember those clapped out limos?!).

We had agreed with the Stadium Way managing agent, Savills, that due to the nature of our customers, contractors, suppliers etc. we would need a solution in place for them to register their number plates so they could stay longer on-site than 90 minutes.

This was agreed to back in December, however one was never provided, and Excel Parking services started to register number plates and start charging people.

As a result many people will have unfairly received Parking Charge Notices whilst visiting Double-Barrelled.

We can understand how frustrating this is for those who have received a fine or multiple fines unfairly, and we are doing everything in our power to get these fines revoked, as the promised solution wasn’t put into place.

What should I do if have received, and/or paid a fine?

If you have not already emailed cheers@doublebarrelled.co.uk with a copy of your PCN, please fill in the below form, and we will process this on our side to be a part of our cancellation list. This will apply to all PCNs from before the 3rd of June 2022, which is when we started recording number plate data at the bar.

Record my PCN 

I visited the taproom, think I stayed longer than 90 mins but haven't received a PCN yet

We believe that the ANPR was turned on from the end of March.

If you have visited the taproom this time by driving, and think you stayed longer than 90mins but have not yet received a PCN, then please enter your number plate here.

We are hoping if we can collect this data, then we can pre-emptively stop people getting tickets (though we aren’t 100% sure this will happen but better to try!)

Pre-emptive number plate list 

For all future visits, please ensure you register your number plate at the bar.

I paid my fine, will I receive a refund?

Unfortunately the Stadium Way estate’s managing agent, Savills, has not confirmed this either way yet.

As far as we are concerned, yes you should absolutely receive a refund, as it is free to park at Double-Barrelled, you were a customer of Double-Barrelled and the system that we had agreed to be in place with Savills was not in place.

If you have already paid, please ensure you include this detail in the complaint form above.

We are taking note of all the refunds due and pushing for these to be refunded, but unfortunately at this stage we cannot guarantee anything.

My parking ticket is incorrect

If your parking ticket is incorrect (e.g. you visited the taproom twice in one weekend and it has assumed you parked that whole time) as well as filling in the PCN, if you could flag this to us directly at cheers@doublebarrelled.co.uk by sending us a copy of the PCN, that would be really useful to help illustrate whether the system is fit for purpose.

I sent my PCN claim to cheers@doublebarrelled.co.uk but didn't hear anything back

To be honest, we have had a whole heap of claims from customers to contractors to suppliers, as well as claims ourselves. We’ve had people call us, email us, instagram us, facebook us and the like – which on small team who were not expecting this, has been hard to manage, but we are doing what we can.

Please note below;

If you have put your claim in on the google PCN form, then rest assured you have your details.

If we have responded to you via email, then we have your details.

If we have NOT responded to your email/message as yet, we’d be really grateful if you could fill in the PCN appeal form above to ease up the administration time on our side.

But I like parking at the taproom!; what should I do moving forward?

We are still able to offer free parking for the full duration of your future visits to Double-Barrelled, but you must now log your registration number with the bar upon arrival.

We have put an interim google form solution in place until we are provided with a proper solution from Savills & Excel Parking.

These number plates will be sent to them each week, with the understanding that as a customer of DB they should not receive a fine.

Please ensure that you enter your number plate correctly – we cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered number plates.

But why?!

To clarify, this is parking situation has been imposed via Excel Parking services, who were appointed by the managing agent of the Stadium Way industrial estate, Savills – not by Double-Barrelled.

We’re not sure why this particular solution has been put in place to be honest and as I’m sure you can imagine, we are very frustrated with this whole thing, and the lack of clear communication from both Savills and Excel Parking Services.

We are aware that Excel Parking Services are very incommunicative and not a particularly reputable company if Google is anything to by; unfortunately we have no involvement in the decision making with regards to what’s happening with the wider Stadium Way Industrial estate.

I have a question you haven't answered above

If you have any further queries regarding the parking situation on Stadium Way please feel free to contact us at cheers@doublebarrelled.co.uk where we will be happy to assist.

Please note there are a fair few customer enquiries on this matter, and we are only a small team so whilst we are doing our best to resolve this, we may not respond immediately.



Thank you as ever for your patience and understanding. 



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