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We can do so much more

As a business over the last few, incredibly challenging months, we have learnt so much and gained a better understanding of who we are, what we are about and what we stand for than ever before.

Being a very small and new business, and one that is owned & run by a couple, for us our business values felt like an intrinsic part of who we are personally, and ones that did not need outlining in generic business policies written by some external HR company.

However, we also watched in horror at the murder of George Floyd and others, and recognise and are appalled by, the systemic racism consistently experienced both in the US, in the UK & around the world.

We have become acutely aware that there is a need to be more vocal of the key values that define us both as people, but also as a businesses and brand; particularly in light of the shocking things that are happening around us now, and that have been happening for years.

Whilst promoting diversity has always been a key part of Double-Barrelled, we know we can do more.

If to be silent is to be complicit, then we choose not to be silent.


We are currently taking the time to educate ourselves further, then will take meaningful action for DB.

We want to ensure when we state our “diversity” policy, it is not just a document that sits idly in a handbook, but runs through our business in every direction, is felt by the team around us, exemplified by the team that we employ & evident within the customer environment we create.

We have a great opportunity to define and be clear about the values we stand for at an early stage of our business, so you know when you purchase our beer, or drink at our taproom, the sort of values we and our team both stand for and are determined to fight for.


And although we are only a small business, we believe in doing our very small part in helping to call out the injustices those among us have faced throughout their lives.

So, please bear with us whilst we focus on creating something that will sit at the heart of Double-Barrelled for as long as we are here, focusing on various forms of education, outreach, sharing knowledge, charity support and an inherently anti-racist stance across the team.

We hope to share our values with you over the coming weeks so you can understand a little bit more about what DB stands for as a business.

These will reflect some elements where we can make quick changes and those that will develop over time, focusing and communicating around anti-racism, diversity, LGBTQ+, mental health, independence and environmental issues.

We are of course still learning and would welcome any feedback and input on this and if there is anything we can do to improve.

Thank you,

Luci & Mike Clayton-Jones


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“Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race” by
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