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On dinosaurs and raining inside

Initially we had big old plans for our 100th Gyle.

In a pre-pandemic world, we had envisaged a great excuse for a DB party, perfectly timed for the start of May.

Then, COVID-19 happened and these plans, amongst a whole heap of others were crumbled. To be honest our focus was rightly concentrated on other far bigger things at the time and we couldn’t have cared less what gyle number we were on.

Then, thanks to utterly outstanding support from our customers old and new, we started brewing again , and we knew that gyle 100 had to be something special, even if budget was tighter than usual.


So into tank went Gyle 100, a 2020 version of our “Full of Dinosaurs”.

Full of Dinosaurs was a 7% Galaxy, Mosaic & Enigma dry hopped IPA, which was much loved by both our taproom regulars but also many pubs, bars & drinkers across the UK. Due to hop availability, we hadn’t been able to brew it again previously, so now seemed to be the opportune moment.

We had made a few changes, dry hopping to our highest ever levels, using our knowledge built up over time on water treatment and tweaks in the grist to achieve the mouthfeel we wanted, all to create a tropical, hazy, juicy banger.

In fact, we’ve been so excited about it, we’ve been secretly teasing Dinosaurs (borrowed from our Taproom supervisor Chelsea’s son!) into our social media for months, as well as during our taproom click and collect

Spot the dinos in the pics below;

But, extinction was inevitable

To cut a long, sad story short, we can’t release this Full of Dinosaurs batch.

Perhaps Jurassic park should have hinted that bringing back Dinosaurs wasn’t the best idea.

Despite our first taste tests giving the tropical fruit salad that we wanted, subsequent tests have not held up, and our QC testing has identified a few key problems that may have caused this issue.

So, sadly, there will be no 100th gyle from DB brewery.



If there is ONE big thing we have learnt over the 100 gyles we have brewed, it is to set higher standards for ourselves, and only release beers we are truly happy with.

Whilst that is something that we always set out to do, it’s easier said than done prior to the financial pressures of ditching a batch, event and launch commitments etc. etc.


We recognise the fact that recently, some of our releases haven’t been bob-on, and whilst the financial implications (and pure gut wrenchingness of throwing decent, but not good enough beer, down the drain), it’s what we need to do, for DB to become the brewery we want it to become.

As it were, the “gut wrenchingness” of having a beer down the drain, has no comparison to the “gut wrenchingness” to having a beer with your customers that isn’t how you want it to be.

Of course we aren’t the first brewery to ditch a batch, and this is not the first batch we have ditched. Nor I’m sure will it be the last.

But it still hurts. Especially on top of everything that is going on right now.


We wanted to update you, because we’d given a little secret dinosaur nod to some of those first customers who had really loved it, and we hinted at it’s release on one of our last blog posts.

And it also consequently means we have no new beer for you this week.


Will we brew it again…?

The labels are already printed, and the recipe is already written, but the short answer is no. What we have learnt is that we’ve changed our IPAs quite a bit since we brewed Full of Dinosaurs. Harking back to gyle 9 (?!) when we first brewed it, and thinking long and hard about how we approach recipe formulation now vs back then, as well as the changes we have made to our processes, confirmed that we wont be revisiting Full of Dinosaurs again.

In truth, we believe we can do better.

We just need time to show you that we can.

....So what about new beer!

We are really pleased of where “You’re Talking About Things I Haven’t Done Yet” is as a pale, and want our new hazy IPAs in tank to follow that lead.

We are also really proud of the tiny tweaks we have been making to Parka with each batch, as a sessionable lighter Citrus pale over the gyles, and will continue to push make those tweaks where we think we can make improvements.

But with regards to new beer in pack… this brings us on our next subject….

And then the rain came...

So, as a consequence of some of the heavier rain storms we’ve had recently, we suffered some flooding in the brewery yesterday caused by issues with our roofing/gutters.

Our initial inspections show some damage to the electronics on our canning line & some of our raw ingredients and a whole bunch of other “stuff” that you’d imagine being in storage in a brewery, from cardboard boxes to keg lenses.

So we will be spending the next bit of time, getting back to the point where we can brew again & package again.

Please bear with us for a little bit.

But, thankfully, no existing packaged stock is affected, so if you do order some DB for delivery, in particular for delivery before Fathers day, then we should still be able to get it out to you in time.


We’ve also added some great fresh guests online too, from local’s Elusive, as well as Unity, Boxcar, Polly’s & LHG.

If you are missing Ding, we recommend checking out our Brewgooder collab that we brewed at Elusive, with Siren Craft & Elusive themselves – Overflow 

Our click & collect, growler fills & can takeaways will also be unaffected and this week will be running on Friday 3pm-6pm & Saturday 2pm-4pm.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep fighting to keep going and to be better, for as long as we can.

Thanks as ever for your support.

Luci, Mike & Team DB x

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